Tian ZhiZhun Technology was invited to participate in Geely Auto 2023 CMF theme exhibition


Recently, Mr. Jian Weiping, chairman of Tian Zhi Zun Technology, was invited to participate in the 2023 CMF theme exhibition held by Geely Automobile, which mainly focused on the three major themes of "color & Material & surface treatment", showing the most cutting-edge and innovative design elements in the industry for ecological chain partners.

Mr. Xu Yong, Vice President of TianZhi Zhun Technology, speech: "The Era of full laser texture Processing"

Mr. Xu Yong, vice president of Tian Zhi Zhun Technology, delivered a speech on the theme of "full laser texture processing era". Compared with traditional manual etching texture, laser texture processing can not only achieve fully automated processing, accurately control the texture depth change, accurate to 1um, strong consistency, and no chemical use, in line with the global trend of "low carbon environmental protection". In addition, laser machining provides unlimited design and machining possibilities for surfaces defined geometrically by free-form surfaces; It is also a low cost, high appearance level, more environmentally friendly, and landing solution.

Tian ZhiZun Technology has formed a full-process landing solution for texture design, product development and product surface texture processing in the early stage. Any product appearance texture, as long as you think, we do our best to help you achieve; You can't imagine, we help you develop and design; Ultra-precision parts surface processing, as long as you want, our five-axis laser machine can help you process.


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
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