Congratulations to Tianzhizun Technology pass the review declaration of China Mold Industry Association on the "China key mold enterprises"


Recently, according to the requirements of the China Mold Industry Association to carry out the review and declaration of "China's key mold enterprises", in accordance with the group standards of T/CDMIA A001-2019 "Conditions and Evaluation Methods for Key Mold Enterprises", Tianzhizun Technology is a dynamic management "China's key Mold Enterprises". The China Model Association reviewed the scale, equipment, enterprise technical capabilities and institutions, products and technical content, management, digital technology application and other necessary information submitted by Tianzhizun Technology, the final confirmation of the evaluation results by experts, and the results will be publicized. Tianzhun technology has passed the review of China mold Industry Association.

Tianzhun technology was awarded of the "China key mold enterprise" the by China Mold Industry Association in the ninth session of the fourth council expansion meeting, Tianzhun technology will continue to be committed to mold texture design, development and processing, forge ahead, try to make greater contributions to promote the development of China's mold industry.


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
R&D and digital processing technology