Tian Zhi Zhun Technology was invited to participate in the 2023 New energy Automotive Materials Summit hosted by LyondellBasell


On June 29, 2023, Mr. Xu Yong, Vice president of Tian zhi zhun Technology, was invited as a guest speaker to participate in the 2023 New Energy Automotive Materials Summit hosted by LyondellBasell in Shanghai, which attracted more than 200 customers from the automotive industry chain.

Torkel Rhenman, Executive Vice President of Lyondell Basell's Advanced Materials business, delivered the opening speech

Joanne Swiggett, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, Lyondell Basell Advanced Materials, delivered the opening speech

With the theme of "Together for E Future", the summit consists of three parts: design, technology and sustainability, and vividly shows customers how industry chain suppliers can contribute to the innovation, low-carbon and sustainable development goals of the automotive industry.

Speech by Mr. Xu Yong, Vice President of Tian Zhi Zhun Technology: "Future Automotive Cabin Texture Design Trend"

Mr. Xu Yong, vice president of Tian Zhi Zhun Technology, was invited to participate in the conference on behalf of the company, and delivered a speech to "automotive future cabin texture design trend", texture design and development, is an extremely subdivided and professional field, in order to meet the needs of "lightweight, personalized, fashion sense and comfort", TianZhi Zhun R & D team launched the theme of "future aviation" series of texture solutions, It is in this context that the design concept of future aviation gives unlimited design possibilities to the main leather grain of the interior of the car, and the design of the airline cabin has always given people a safe, comfortable, scientific and efficient sensory experience. Travel is no longer a simple way to move, more is the experience of the journey. Extract the design elements of the aircraft cabin to enrich the sensory experience of our travel, which is the design intention of future aviation. Future technology and comfort are the key words of our interior main leather design, which endowing traditional leather with diversified and technological design elements to make travel more comfortable. The appropriate texture design scheme can greatly improve the perceived quality of the product, so that the product looks more advanced, more exquisite, more pleasing to the eyes!


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