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Suzhou Tian Zhi Zun Technology Co., Ltd


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We have: ①3D laser engraving technology ② laser engraving + etching combined technology ③ professional texture development and appearance design technology ④ traditional etching technology, they all represent innovation, which drive private enterprises like TZZ to strive for global success. As a member of the industry, from the initial concept design to the final product output, this complete production chain, our company provides quality service beyond its own business scope, accompany you all the way. Whether you have any design, technology or processing requirements, please contact us.


We design textures for car interiors with visual comfort
Car interiors also have a strong sense of beauty, which has a special impact on our perception. Remember what it was like to get into a new car? Once the doors open, you can feel the atmosphere inside the car. Therefore, it is not surprising that the customer's unique perception of the interior texture design and extraordinary surface is the main underlying factor in determining the purchase choice. We strive to create key buying incentives through develop&design good-looking & comfortable touch texture.


We develop and design extraordinary electronic product appearance texture
TZZ is the most ideal partner in the electronics industry, we have professional technical knowledge in the field of product surface texture research, 3D simulation software to maximize the realistic reproduction of in


We shape our ideas according to our customers' opinions

Innovative design strength is the cornerstone of our accumulation of professional texture development knowledge. We follow fashion trends, conceive unique ideas, and work with customers around the world to tailor solutions to customer requirements.


We pursue progress and create more value
As a leading innovator, we provide a wealth of knowledge in appearance texture to help our customers gain an advantage throughout the value chain. With a wealth of technical expertise, we are well positioned to meet global challenges in any environment.


We are broad-based, open up new markets and achieve global service purpose
We take advantage of our global proprietary development knowledge and market layout to meet customers' personalized needs. Local expertise and unified processing standards ensure that every customer around the world can enjoy the same quality of products, technologies and services. To ensure customer satisfaction in the future, we provide high-quality after-sales service (professional texture repair), including polishing, welding repair, laser patching and other surface treatment. If it is necessary to repair, our technicians will come to the production site immediately.


Better texture interior, added value
Our guidelines emphasize that we take it as our responsibility to design quality modern textured interiors. The function and design of premium modern textured interiors create a comfortable atmosphere for cars around the world. We leverage our unique skills to develop first-class surface textures to create real added value for our customers.


Superior surface
We offer special added value to our customers in the fields of product, texture design, technical processing and service.


Better product
We launch a wide range of texture products to enhance, differentiate and improve satisfaction.


Customizable solutions
With customized additional features, we design unique car interior textures -- highlighting the principle of high personality.


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
R&D and digital processing technology