Creating the Future Together, Winning with Innovation - TZZ Technology Shines at Jetour Design Day


On the innovative journey, TZZ Technology once again takes center stage, this time at the 2023 Jetour Design Day meticulously crafted by Jietu (Chery). As a key partner of Jetour, Tzz Technology has been invited to participate in this event.

The Spotlight of Innovation Shines Bright

The exhibition, themed "Jetour Design Day," symbolizes the collision of innovative thinking from different fields and enterprises, collectively sketching the blueprint for tomorrow's development. As one of the exhibiting companies, TZZ Technology has consistently been a pioneer of innovation in the texture industry. What TZZ Technology brings is not only products but also a profound understanding of innovation and aesthetics.

Leading the Onsite Spotlight

The booth became a major highlight of the entire event, as TZZ Technology showcased its latest innovative products that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with unique design. The products attracted the attention of designers and peers alike. Whether it was the materials, colors, or craftsmanship of the products, they demonstrated TZZ's consistent commitment to quality and attention to detail. Participants gathered around, engaging in conversations and interactions with the Tianzizun team, sharing unique insights into the future development of automotive textures.

Co-creating the Future Together Hand in Hand

"Jetour Design Day" is not just a platform to showcase products but also a stage for the collision of ideas. Here, Tianzizun Technology shared its innovative concepts with partners from various industries, discussing the limitless possibilities of future technology in our lives. Through collective exploration and creation, it is believed that this exhibition will spark more inspiration, contributing to the development of the entire industry.

Long-term Collaboration for Mutual Success

TZZ Technology has a longstanding and close collaboration with Jetour, making significant contributions to the design and manufacturing of popular models like the Jetour Traveler that have already hit the market. This exhibition further enhances the collaborative relationship. Grateful for the invitation from Jetour (Chery), TZZ Technology appreciates the opportunity to showcase its latest achievements on this creative and dynamic platform. In the future, TZZ will continue to strive, challenging the heights of innovation and bringing more surprises and inspiration to everyone.


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