Etching Technique

Traditional etching process

Chemical etching is a traditional process, but the mold surface treatment is the most commonly used process, therefore, TZZ has 20 years etching technology widely used in the plastic industry. As long as your product needs, we can provide you with natural and beautiful texture effect through etching technology.

Digital printing technology (DPS)

In 2015, TZZ introduced the latest digital printing technology (DPS) from Japan, and now it has been systematically and maturely applied to the daily pattern production.

Etching process

一、Preparation of mold film drawing

二、Manual printing

三、CPL etching

四、cleaning and dimming


六、The above process can be repeated up to 5 times according to the pattern precision requirements.

Our service

——site repair

According to needs, our company can arrange staff for on-site repair service, save time and cost

——Internal maintenance of TZZ

In order to achieve the best repair results, you can ship the mold to TZZ for repair, which is also the most effective cost solution

——Tentative repair

TZZ has technicians stand by, and the tentative repair work made the mold look more perfect.

Professional texture repair  

TZZ with leading position in etching technology, we are your best choice for mold texture repair. We have experienced repair technicians, welcome to call for consulting.


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
R&D and digital processing technology