Pre Development

Texture development
Through the fine texture development, change the visual touch and optical effect of surface materials, through the unique texture effect and create an extraordinary exquisite atmosphere, to achieve a strong brand identity.


Early production of 3D renderings
The product three-dimensional effect service solutions we have mastered are characterized by advanced simulation technology at the early stage of new product design to provide realistic surface three-dimensional imaging technology to avoid high rework costs of defective products in the downstream.


Model processing
Customers provide sample models, TZZ perfect texture processing to the surface of the model, so that customers can see the design of the texture of the product, establish a more attractive contrast. Add value to mold products with exquisite technology.


Cladding technique
The early development of the sample car needs to directly cover the designed effect on sample. On the basis of flexible exchange, the coating technology can realize the integrity of the surface texture of the sample car, so that customers can evaluate the effect in the early stage and confirm whether it meets the requirements and feasibility.


Tailor-made design scheme
At TZZ, we have the full service capability of global vehicle texture design and customer management. Looking forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you and strive to meet your specific needs.


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
R&D and digital processing technology