Texture Design

Surface design - the perfect visual effect

Every surface texture in nature is unique. In general, the appearance of surface structures depends on a combination of vision, touch, depth and gloss. Through in-depth discussions with the customers, we understand the important factors regarding the product and the expected market positioning. We integrate this information into our R&D design concept, as long as the customers’ thoughts, we can basically achieve.

Our design value

We adhere to the principle of benefiting our customers in terms of customer requirements and provide special assets in the automotive interior and electronics sectors. We develop additional features, fulfill the principle of personalization, and expand opportunities for automakers and electronics manufacturers to develop new constructive design solutions that are highly valued by consumers in the respective target automotive markets.

Appearance texture development

We offer unique design opportunities

Provide any of the following ways to create and design a unique texture for the overall product

1. Provide the design of automobile or electronic products renderings, design drawings or related design concepts, for customer group classification, product style detailed description, we can design a unique texture .

2. 2D texture file (CAD, AI, CDR, DWG and other 2D general formats).

3. Texture 3D file (UG, PRO, STP, X_T and other 3D general formats).

4. Picture resources (PDF,JPG and other general formats)

5. Completesampleormock-up

6. Speak directly about the required texture style, a conceptual description or idea of the texture.

Case Sharing

1. BMW i3 (designed and processed by J&F KRUTH GMBH);

2. HP, Lenovo, Acer Computer;

3. Lenovo& Huawei & ZTE & Vodafone mobile phone, Fitbit bracelet;

4. The shaver handle may need to be placed on a non-slip surface. This special micro-structure prevents squeaking noises, while other surfaces absorb light so that it does not reflect.

5. Anti-ice crack


We have professional texture design for the appearance of products,
R&D and digital processing technology