3D Laser Engraving Technology

The transcendence of 3D laser engraving technology

3D laser engraving is the product of modernization, the highest performance of the full digital technology, can be transformed into innovative objects, even people's fingerprints, and beyond the limitations of the traditional texture pattern, to become more accurate, more delicate, more high-end.

Today's product appearance texture is not personalized, homogenization is very serious. Traditionally, the appearance of the product texture is manual etching and CNC tool processing, which is limited, cannot reach the fine and realistic natural effect. And the advent of the product revolution, the use of digital texture design (using pictures) and the perfect combination of five axis laser equipment laser processing, make everything possible; Using digitalization, the realization of computer design generation program, so that any graphic texture fidelity can be guaranteed; Besides, with the import of laser equipment processing (the most fine up to 20μm), the use of laser for ultra-fine processing, so that everything can be realized, make our customers product appearance different, and let our customers’ infinite imagination on the product appearance into reality.

The processing method of 3D laser engraving

3D laser engraving = global digitization + comprehensive processing

Before the actual machining, the accuracy and feasibility of the machined area can be checked by the simulation calculation.

The feasibility of reverse engineering

Test the accuracy of the mold and the 3D mold drawing size,and the specific size of the mold repair.

3D laser Machining Principle

Processing in the way of layering;depth and number of layers make texture accuracy; The same depth, the more layers, the higher the machining accuracy; The longer the processing time, the higher the cost.

Advantages of 3D laser engraving
①With LASER 3D software, automation, digital program generation (ultra fine) are realizable;
② Environmental protection process, no chemical pollution;
③Full digital process chain, strong replicability and consistency;
④ To provide unlimited design and machining possibilities for surfaces defined geometrically by free-form surfaces;
⑤ Ignore the steel property;
⑥Depth of any mold side pattern can be completely controlled, accurate to about 1μm, so that the side of the texture reduction effect is more perfect, more accurate depth, more uniform, which greatly reduced the chance of mold scratch.


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