Combination of 3D Laser Engraving And Etching Technology

TZZ combines traditional etching process with high technology

The combination of laser engraving and etching = the combination of tradition and high technology

Laser and etching combined technology are digital control and computer simulation processing technology. We use traditional process combined with modern high technology, this innovative process requires rich experience in etching and laser processing.

Once the texture image is calculated after the mesh is flattened, the generation program can be calculated for laser processing. Laser engraving the protective layer on the pattern, and then etching depth, (laser and chemical etching repeatedly alternate) until the completion, and finally clean the finished surface to adjust the gloss.

The process can be repeated several times depending on the desired engraving pattern. In addition to single layer carving, TZZ can also do multiple layers of repeated carving, with up to 10 layers of precise pattern processing.

3D laser engraving + etching combined process principle

一、Spray Protection

二、Laser Processing Pattern

三、Etching Processing Depth

四、Cleaning and Dimming


According to the needs of the pattern precision, the laser processing and etching processing can be alternated several times, in order to meet the accuracy requirements of customers.

3D laser engraving + etching combined features

Any curved surface can be processed by this technology, so that the pattern reflects more details, more refined, more delicate, more hierarchical sense.


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